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Stir Fry Greens

This recipe is not limited to any specific type of greens; I usually use whatever greens I happen to have in the garden- spinach, beet greens, arugula, kale, chinese cabbage, leaf broccoli, you name it! I'm sure you could throw in some wild edible greens too if you are in to foraging


-onions (regular or green onions)

-olive oil or butter

-cast iron skillet (for optimal taste)

-garlic salt and or soy sauce (or whatever seasoning you prefer)

warm up olive oil in cast iron on medium heat, add onions to saute while you wash and spin your greens. For stringy greens like mustard and turnips, chopping is recommended. add in greens and cover with a lid to steam for a few minutes. After your greens have cooked down a bit, add seasoning to taste and continue to steam for a few more minutes. I like to slightly brown them for that wonderful cast iron flavor.

*always wait until your greens cook down to season them- trust me, they cook down A LOT and you will over estimate the salt needed every time!

*you can literally add just about any other vegetable to this recipe (squash, tomatoes, broccoli, etc) -goes great with rice.