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Recipes and Ideas

My Husband and I dreamed about starting a farm together about six years ago when we hiked the Colorado Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail together. For six months we longed to get back to a permanent place and put in some roots... real roots. On many hungry days of hiking I passed the time by thinking about what I would do with all that food! It was on the trail that many of my creative ideas of integrating vegetables into non-typical meals originated. When we had our two boys, my ideas were put into action out of necessity as I tried to sneak as many vegetables into my babies as possible. What started as a way to get toddlers to eat vegetables has become a lifestyle for us now, because it turns out that Andrew and I LOVE the "hidden veggie" meals even more than the original recipes!

*most of my recipes turn out a little different every time I cook them in real life, since I don't do much measuring, but that is sort of the point; I use whatever vegetables and greens I have on hand and fit them into my favorite recipes! I recommend stealing my basic ideas and applying them to your favorite recipes to make them your own.

-Sauteed squash and onions

-Stir fry greens

-Basil, Oil, and Vinegar Dressing

-Hidden veggie spaghetti or lasagna 

-Hidden veggie mac n cheese